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Vango 9 Pocket Sky Storage Organiser

by Vango

Quality Vango product. The Sky Storage 9 pocket organiser is a storage facility designed for awnings and tents. An awning is a difficult place to keep tidy sometimes; a few days in you’ll often have a few magazines, souvenirs and possibly kid toys on the floor. You can now avoid this by using the pocket organiser. This is designed to fit onto the SkyTrack system, as a part of some Vango awnings and tents. Also supplied with sky hooks which allows easy attachment to the tent or awning sky track system


At a glance

• The storage system features 9 large pockets for high of storage capacity,

• Compatible with Vango awnings and tents that have the SkyTrack system,

• Made from black DuoWeave fabric for a smart appearance and durable performance,

• Integrated eyelets that allow the use of other hanging options to be used,

• Supplied with a storage and carry bag that keeps your pockets clean and protected.


Avoid the clutter as you camp. Everything is tidy for the first few days, but as you venture out on your travels and end up buying things from various city centres and gift shops, things start to clutter the floor and you find yourself with nowhere to store things. Keep everything in its place with the Vango sky storage pockets!

This storage system is intended for use with the following Vango awnings:

Kela V Air Tall,

Kela V Air Low,

Galli III Air Tall,

Galli III Air Low,

Marino II Air 850XL.