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Survival Stormproof Match Kit

£4.99 £4.99

An inexpensive insurance policy for your comfort and care when outdoors, this mini survival storm proof kit consists of a weather tight case containing 15 compact matches that will light in any weather, and will even relight after being submerged in water. The outside of the case has a striker, plus a replaceable striker on the inside. The case itself is only 6cm long with a 2.5cm diameter, so takes up barely any space at all, and is the perfect travel companion when camping, great for lighting bbq's, firepits, or campfires. Watch the video to see similar matches in action, the video shows a slightly larger match in use, but it's the same UCO brand, the matches in this kit are 5.4cm long.

  • Sealed case contains 15 compact 5.4cm long windproof, dirtproof, waterproof matches.
  • Easy to light, and will relight after being submerged in water
  • Up to 12 seconds burn time
  • Integrated, replaceable striker for easy lighting (2 strikers inc)