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Rucksack Rain Cover Suitable for Small Sizes 25-35lt

£10.99 £10.99

The Vango Rain Cover is capable of keeping many different sizes of backpacks completely dry even in the toughest of conditions. Coming in 3 sizes (small/medium/large), this cover is perfect for adventurers that want to make the most out of their camping/hiking trip no matter the weather. It acts as a protection layer against the elements, keeping your pack and items dry. 

  • Polyester PU Coated, a strong waterproof material
  • Orange With Silver Logo, the traditional Vango Orange
  • 3 Sizes, for all types of packs
  • Suitable Backpack Sizes: Small: 25 - 36 Litre Packs | Medium: 40 - 55 Litre Packs | Large: 60+ Litre Packs 
  • Colour: Orange