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Kampa SabreLink™ 30 LED Light Starter Kit

$38.00 $38.00

The Kampa Sabrelink™ is an exciting new accessory for your awning, the Sabrelink™ lighting system ensures you're never in the dark. The system allows you to link up to three lights together - that's 90 LED's. Each of Kampa's AirFrame awnings are SabreLink™ ready and can accept lights on the interior front AirPoles and also the centre poles. A Rally Air 390 for example, could have three lights along the front and another three in the centre. Each system is controlled using a remote control that allows you to switch the lights on and off and also dim and brighten them. In Kampa's poled awnings, the lights can be hung from the horizontal poles using the 'S' hooks provided.

Key Features:

  • Starter kit or add on kit available
  • Up to three lights can be linked together
  • Operated using a remote control
  • Brightness can be adjusted
  • Velcro tabs on all 2016 Kampa Air awnings for easy fitting
  • 30 super bright LED bulbs that never need replacing
  • Starter kit comes with a 5 meter long cable
  • Starter kit comes complete with mains adapter & 12v adapter
  • Starter kit comes remote contol
  • Karabiner clips and velcro hanging options included for other awnings and tents
Product Weight 1.5kg
Open Size 48cm
Frame Plastic
Frame Plastic
Performance 500 Lumens
Power Mains power & 12v