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Blue diamond 7 pole navy blue stripe windbreak

SKU wb720

A traditional style of windbreaker, with heavy duty wooden poles and a heavy-duty lock-stitch polypropylene fabric, ensuring a stable, reliable design of windbreak, which is adept at the campsite or the beach. The canvas of the windbreak is rot-proof making it ideal for longer term use, and providing greater durability. Each windbreak has a two year warranty, and measures 548cm * 121cm. Due to the nature of the wooden poles, the pack size is quite sizeable, as they cannot be reduced in length.

  • Traditional Wooden Spike Windbreaks with Steel Caps (7 Poles Included)
  • Ideal for the beach or the campsite
  • Provide privacy and deflect adverse weather
  • Steel Caps on top and base of wooden sticks to prevent damage.


  • Weight: 6.5kg
  • Packed Size 121 * 13 * 13cm