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Multimat - universal mat repair kit

by Beacons
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SKU pf0000216

The Multimat – Self-Inflating Camping Mat Repair Kit will ensure you are always prepared. Anyone who uses a self-inflating or inflatable sleeping mat needs a Multimat Repair kit with puncture repair patches. At Multimat we design our mats to be tough and durable with strong and technologically advanced fabrics. But when the balance of weight reduction to durability results in a lightweight mat, it means you need to look after it, and we all know there are times when our mats take a battering. It could be just one sharp rock, a thorn or a sharp edge in your kit … The result is the mat that won’t inflate and you suffer a drastic reduction in warmth and comfort. And in some tough environments, that could be pretty serious.

Let’s hope you never need them!



  • 4 patches
  • Glue
  • Weight: 10g