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Mestic MHC-40 Hybrid Portable Coolbox 42L

$359.00 $359.00

The Mestic MHC-40 hybrid coolbox can be used on both 12v & 230v. On 12v it works as thermoelectric coolbox with a performance up to 20°C below ambient temperature. On 230v it works as a compression cooler with cooling performance from +10°C down to -15°C.

Key Features:

  • Hybrid Coolbox (12v & 230v)
  • Thermoelectric cooler on 12v
  • Fridge on 230v
  • 42L Capacity
  • Integrated handles
  • Suitable for 2L bottles
  • Energy class A+
Volume 42 Litres
Cooling Performance 12v
Up to 20°C below ambient 
Cooling Performance 230v +10°C down to -15°C
Voltage 12v & 230v
Energy Consumption 5.0A (12v) & 0.3A (230v)
Open Size 52 x 47 x 48cm
Product Weight 20kg
Product Code 1502900