• Robens Bering Water Heater
  • Fitted onto a Denali Stove
  • Fits into Denali Carry Bag

Robens Bering Water Heater

The Robens Bering Water Heater is an accessory for the Robens Denali Tent Stove. It fits around the stovepipe of the Wood burning stove to give you hot water on tap. It rotates around the stovepipe to either boil water or take it off the boil. It holds 1.8L of liquid and has an easy carry handle.

Key Features:

  • Hot water on tap
  • To boil - rotates around the stovepipe to sit on stove
  • Rotates around the stovepipe to remove from boil
  • 1.8L capacity
  • Carry handle
Product Weight 0.595Kg
Open Size 20.5 x 16 x 27cm
Frame Stainless steel
Volume 1.8L