• Outwell Willwood 5 Footprint Groundsheet 2019
  • Outwell Willwood 5 Footprint Groundsheet Floorplan

Outwell Nevada 5P Footprint Groundsheet 2019

This handy Outwell footprint will keep the groundsheet of your tent clean and help protect it from abrasion and damage. It will also provide insulation from the cold ground. The footprint should be entirely covered by the tent to prevent rain from being channelled under the floor from the sides.

Key Features:

  • Marks out the position clearly when pitching the tent
  • Protects groundsheet from stones, thorns, etc..
  • Protects the built-in groundsheet getting wet and dirty allowing easier cleaning, packing and storage
Groundsheet Polyethylene 10,000
Product Weight 2.5kg
Length 510 x 350cm
Product Code 170745