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One Chem Pro- Biotic

£16.99 £16.99

Being a Pro-biotic “or friendly bacteria” formula which uses a synergetic blend of bacillus strains from the latest advances in naturally sustainable bio-technology to control odours and provide organic waste reduction. This means that the product is the most environmentally friendly on the market and fully biodegradable. It will also work for longer than traditional chemicals due to the human waste acting as a food source to the billions of bacillus bacteria which keep feeding as long as the food source is present. Highly concentrated requiring only 20ml per 20L waste tank and 5ml per 8L flush tank with a simple measuring device so no over dosing. To combat hard and soft water areas whilst travelling around, cleverly our probiotic formula is PH neutral to stop scaling, and help lubricate moving parts A major problem with traditional cassette toilet products is staining whilst empting and re dosing the toilet, with probiotic cassette toilet we use a soluble dye has made this issue a thing of the past, any drops just wash out with water. Also the smell of traditional toilet products can be awful, chemically strong smells. Probiotic cassette toilet very pleasant non janitorial cherry fragrance