• Kampa Steel Screw Peg Pack
  • 14 of these pegs and the peg puller included

Kampa Steel Screw Peg Pack 22.5cm

  • £14.99

The Kampa Steel Screw Peg Pack, is a pack of 14 steel pegs, 22.5cm long. The pegs come in a nice carry case so there is no need to worry about the making a hole in your tent while stored in the bag. This peg set also comes complete with a peg puller to help you get them back out the ground.

Key Features:

  • x14 Steel pegs
  • 22.5cm
  • Can be screwed into the ground
  • x1 Peg puller
  • Comes in a carry case
Product Weight 3.5kg
Open Size 22.5cm
Frame Steel
Frame Steel