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Kampa Dometic Easy Awning Pulley

by Dometic
SKU AC0306

The Dometic Easy Awning Pulley makes threading your awning onto the caravan very simple and only a one person task.


  1. Simply slide the awning stopper and pulley into place in the caravan beading channel. Lock into position.
  2. Attach the carabiner hook to the eyelet on the awning beading.
  3. With one hand, place the beading into the channel, and pull on the rope away from the caravan. You can now slowly walk backwards to the awning on the caravan channel rail.

Key Features:

  • Pulley system makes threading your awning onto your caravan a one person job
  • Large cushioned padding to prevent damage to the caravan
  • Reinforced sewing points
Product Weight 2kg