• Coleman FyreLite Stove

Coleman FyreLite Stove

  • £24.99

The Coleman FyreLite stove is one of the lightest stoves on the market at 77g. The stove is compact with three pan supports that can be folded and detached.

Key Features:

  • Runs off of Coleman C500, C300 & C100 cartridges
  • 3 Pan supports
  • Carry pouch included
  • Lightweight
  • 4800W Burner
Product Weight 77g
Open Size 4.3 x 8 x 5cm
Boil Time 9mins 54sec
Energy Supply Gas Cartridge
Fuel Coleman C500, C250 & C100 Cartridges
Gas Flow 346g/h
Power 4800W
Run Time 1hr 21mins