• Coleman Divide+ 75 Flashlight
  • BatteryLock™
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Coleman Divide+ 75 Flashlight

The Coleman Divide+ 75 Flashlight is tough and always ready. The flashlight features a 75 lumen light output and a beam distance of up to 84 metres, you can trust this light to keep you out of the dark. An anodized aluminium frame makes it durable and ready for outdoor use.


After a long period of non-use, you can be rest assured when you find yourself in need of light, BatteryLock™ will have you covered. Standard electric lights lose battery power over a period of time, even when they’re switched off because the battery is never truly disengaged from the electrical contacts. With the patent pending Coleman BatteryLock™ technology and a simple twist of the head of the light, battery loss will become a thing of the past as the battery becomes disengaged.

Simply activate the BatteryLock™ feature and the red band will appear, your light is now completely disconnected from the battery compartment and ready for storage.

Key Features:

  • IPX4 Waterproof
  • 2m Impact resistant
  • 1 Mode
  • BatteryLock™
  • Aluminium Frame
  • Push Button On/Off
  • x2 AAA Batteries (included)
Product Weight 0.146kg
Open Size ø2.5/1.7cm x 14.9cm
Frame Anodized Aluminium
Frame Anodized Aluminium
Performance Beam Distance: 84m
Power x2 AAA Duracell® Batteries Included
Run Time 5 Hours
Voltage Light Output: 75 Lumens