Coleman CXS+ 300 Rechargeable Headlamp Green

The Coleman CXS+ 300 Rechargeable headlamp is the next generation of USB-compatible, gesture controlled headlamps, it features 5 separate light modes and hands free KineSix™ control, this fully-featured headlamp can be easily recharged for maximum convenience. Designed with light sensing technology, the CXS+ 300R headlamp automatically adapts its beam pattern to the surrounding environment and needs of the wearer. This advanced headlamp also features Coleman BatteryLock™ technology meaning it is ready to go whenever you are.


After a long period of non-use, you can be rest assured when you find yourself in need of light, BatteryLock™ will have you covered. Standard electric lights lose battery power over a period of time, even when they’re switched off because the battery is never truly disengaged from the electrical contacts. With the patent pending Coleman BatteryLock™ technology and a simple twist of the head of the light, battery loss will become a thing of the past as the battery becomes disengaged.

Simply activate the BatteryLock™ feature and the red band will appear, your light is now completely disconnected from the battery compartment and ready for storage.


DuraGuard™ is a robust exterior shield designed to increase product durability. Developed to cope effortlessly with more extreme wear and tear. DuraGuard™ technology allows products to withstand a higher level of damaging impact. Be confident that the tough and durable, protective layer won't break and let you down.

REAX™ Auto Adjust:

With the innovative Coleman® REAX™ auto-adjusting, light-sensing technology, Coleman® headlamps adapt their own beam pattern to fit the surrounding environment and needs of the user.

Proximity Lighting: When focusing on items at a close proximity, the headlamp lumens will decrease and the beam will change to a flooding effect to increase visibility.
Mobility: When on the move, the beam is wide and of medium strength to highlight terrain.
Long Distance: When looking into the distance, lumens increase stretching the light beam further so you can see more.
How do i activate it? Hold down the on/off button for 4 seconds to switch to REAX™ auto adjustment mode.

KineSix™ Hand Swipe:
KineSix™ offers a convenient hands-free method to interact with your headlamp while running, cycling, or even just standing.
To cycle through the light modes and light intensities, the user simply waves their hand within 3cm of the sensor on the front of the headlamp. This avoids having to deal with an on/off button while performing a strenuous activity or wearing thick gloves.

Lithium Ion Rechargeable:
The rechargeable Lithium Ion battery is one of the most long lasting batteries on the market today and provides both reliable and durable power. Lithium Ion batteries are more efficient and lasts longer than standard batteries.

The power of Lithium Ion

- faster charging time
- You do not have to completely deplete the battery before recharging again
- Approximately 50% longer runtimes at the same level of brightness
- More power, less bulk
- More compatible pairing to LEDs yields increase in brightness and/or runtime

Key Features:

  • IPX4 Waterproof
  • 5 Modes (Extra Bright, High, Medium, Low, Red)
  • BatteryLock™
  • DuraGuard™
  • REAX™ Auto Adjust
  • KineSix™ Hand Swipe
  • Push Button On/Off
  • Lithium ion rechargeable: USB Included
Product Weight 0.121kg
Open Size Headband: ø60cm / Light: 8.8 x 4.5 x 3.6cm
Frame Plastic
Performance Beam Distance: 50m on high / 5m on low
Power Lithium ion rechargeable: USB Included
Run Time 2.5 Hours on high / 50 Hours on low
Voltage Light Output: 300 Lumens on high / 20 Lumens on low