• Cobb Supreme BBQ

Cobb Supreme BBQ

Cobb's Supreme BBQ is 80% bigger than the Cobb premier making it ideal for larger groups. The supreme is big enough to cook 3 chickens and vegetables simulatiously. Distinctive stainless steel design is built to last. Uncompromising cooking style anywhere. Compatible with most dishwashers. Made from high grade hygienic stainless steel. Heat is contained on the inside and cool to the touch on the base on the outside. Sturdy and safe. Fuelled with 2 Cobblesones, ±600g charcoal or 12 to 20 charcoal briquettes, the Cobb Supreme is still truly economical

Key Features:

  • Convenient & easy to use. Ideal for use with the Cobb Cobblestone or Ultra Quick barbeque charcoal
  • Truly portable, use it almost anywhere
  • Healthy cooking with no flare ups
  • Safe to handle - the base stays cool whilst cooking
  • Made from stainless steel - all parts are dishwasher safe, except the mesh base which just needs wiping down
  • Guaranteed quality - 2 year warranty
  • Winner of several design awards

Package includes:

  • Standard Cobb Supreme Oven/Grill
  • Strong Canvas Bag
  • Roast Rack
Product Weight 8kg
Open Size 50 x 38cm
Frame Stainless Steel
Approx Size 50 x 36.5 x 38cm
Frame Stainless Steel
Fuel Cobble Stones / Briquettes
Material Stainless Steel