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Dometic Tropicool TCX-35 Thermoelectric Cooler

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Product Overview

The Dometic TCX-35 is a 33 litre thermoelectric cool box that works of 12V and 230V mains. It is largest in the range of Dometic Cool Boxes in the TropiCool range, with two other models being available the TCX-14 and the TCX-21. A great feature of the Dometic TCX-35 is at the touch of a button you can regulate the temperature with the LED readout, there are severn different levels: from +1°C - +15°C. This can also be used when using the coolbox to keep things warm, there are also seven different levels for heating: from +50°C - +65°C.

The TCX-35 also has the excellent feature of being a great energy saver. The TCX-35 will cool at full capacity unitil it reaches the temperature of your choice, cooling up to 30°C below ambient. As soon as the TCX-35 reaches the targeted temperature, it automatically switches into power save mode, drawing very little power from the battery.

Key Features:

  • Magnetic switch that de-activates the fan once the lid is open
  • Power save mode that reduces the amount of energy used when it has reached its targetted temperature
  • Light, compact and easy to carry due to carry handles
  • 7 stage electronic thermostat with LED indicators
  • Option for Hot or Cold
Product Weight 10kg
SK Colour Grey
Open Size 55 x 37.6 x 46cm
Cooling Performance 35°C at +20°C Degrees ambient temperature
Height 46cm
Volume 33 Litres
Insulation Polyurethane full-foam insulation
Material Sturdy, injection-moulded parts
Open Size 55 x 37.6 x 46cm
Power Consumption Approx. 55 watts at 12v DCApprox. 60 watts at 24v DCApprox. 80 watts at 230v AC
Temperature Range Cooling: +1°c to +15°c (up to 30°c below ambient temperature 66: +50°c to +65°c
Voltage 12/24 Volts DC and 230 volts AC

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