• Cobb Ultra Quick BBQ Briquettes

Cobb Ultra Quick BBQ Briquettes

Designed for the Cobb Portable BBQ, These ultra quick briquettes are an economical alternative to charcoal and even the Cobble Stone which have been formed into a circular slab. Made from coconut husk, this is a totally renewable resource, the briquettes feature a built-in firelighter which makes them not only incredibly easy and clean to use but also a long-lasting heat source. Each briquette provides over 1 hour grilling or 1.5 hours oven cooking time when used in the Cobb. Just light the briquette from the centre and you are ready to cook after only 2 minutes. Supplied in packs of 5.


  • Carbon Monoxide hazard
  • Never ignite and use indoors
  • Store in a cool dry space away from other inflammable products
  • Use at a safe distance from inflammable product
  • After cooking remove the dome and grill plate to allow the Cobblestone to burn out away from children & animals
  • Be sure the ashes are completely burnt out before discarding in refuse bin away from children & animals 
Product Weight 1.5kg
Approx Size 13cm Diameter
Material Coconut Husk